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In many ways, my life has fallen apart.  I’m about to turn 30, jobless, loveless, and financially broke.  However, I seem to have this overwhelming feeling, as I have for much of my life, that I am on the cusp of great things.  It’s something I can not explain.  I consider myself someone who believes in a fated life, or destiny, or a master divine plan, or whatever have you; so this overwhelming feeling is something I can’t possibly ignore.

So, I’ve established for sure I am made for great things, yet my issue continues to be nailing down what it is I’m fated for.  Why am I here?

You know, I receive a lot of criticism for my thinking- mostly because I have a new thought, or concept, or revolutionary idea almost every day. My response to that is that I am completely a dreamer, and while this aspect of my life has always bothered me, I know in the back of my head that nearly every great idea has started as a dream. Where I fall short is implementing that dream, usually due to lack of money, or time, or motivation.  I need to find a career that allows me to dream big, and allows me to utilize other people’s money, time, and motivation.  …and this is where the dreaming comes in to play.

I don’t know if there’s a job out there that will actually fit my needs, and if there is, like most jobs you’re probably required to have a college degree. I, for one, do not have a college degree.  I am by most standards, an uneducated oaf.  and I dream some more.  Well if there’s no job out there for dreamers, then I must create a job because there has to be more out there like me.  So then I research creating a dreaming business.  I know, this all sounds ridiculous, but you can see how the snowball effect works here.

In my dreaming business, I may put together a small group of fellow dreamers and together we conceptualize an idea. From that idea we establish a business to cater towards that idea, and rather than selling the business, we sell the concept to people who will implement the idea.  You see, it’s very simple.  At that point, you can let your mind solve the worlds problems, or find a way to make someone’s life much easier.

I truly believe the world is running out of dreamers.  I feel as though our youth is discouraged from independent thought and rather encouraged to follow the herd.  One of these kids may be able to crack the code to time travel, but we’ll never know.  What if that kid who goes to law school because his father pushed him there has the answer to world hunger suppressed in his head?

It’s time we stopped pushing our kids in to corners and let them think freely on their own.  Encourage them to think of solutions to the worlds worst issues.  You may be surprised what they come up with.  Just typing this makes me want to interview a series of middle school kids answering how we can find a cure for cancer.  and it’s okay if they don’t know, or have it all figured out, because at least you’re sparking their thought process.  An inconceivable answer today may be the solution tomorrow.

On to my dreaming business, and you’re all employed.